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About Us: At Elite Business Group, we are very hands on and passionate about seeing our clients reach a great level of success.  Helpful and specific instructions are given on every step our client will make in the entertainment industry. EBG’s commitment to and involvement in our client’s career is one hundred percent. Our managers invest a great deal of time and energy into our artists potential and careers.  We genuinely care about our clients and will protect him/her from possible pitfalls in their career.  EBG pride ourselves on our being highly skilled, motivated, and professional.
Our Services: As your manager, we will handle public relations, business matters, and help to make a career plan and keep you on the path toward success.  EBG takes an interest in promoting, cultivating and marketing our artists. We are here to help our clients understand contracts, compensation, billing practices, safety, and speak on your behalf when necessary.  EBG will serve as liaison between our clients and agents, other professionals in the entertainment industry, and the general public.  EBG guides the professional career of our clients in the entertainment industry.  Our responsibility as a talent manager is to oversee the day- to-day business affairs of an artist; advise and counsel talent concerning professional matters, long-term plans and personal decisions which may affect his or her career. From simple suggestions, complex negotiations, to long term career plans, EBG lives the artist’s career everyday behind the scenes.  We consider ourselves to be the driving force breaking down barriers of frustration often encountered in the entertainment industry. 
Divisions – Talents TV/Film Commercials/Industrials Voice Over Conventions/Special Events Radio Host Motivational Speaker Authors
Our Compensation: The rate of pay is generally based on commissions of 20 percent.  This amounts depends on the level of development the client is on or may need.  Should EBG have to be a tour manager for the client, the commission may be a higher commission percentage. Many Artist/Talents cannot handle the high demands as their fame and careers grow, interviews, and appearances that come with a prominent career.  This is where EBG’s management team comes in to help.
EBG believes by having the hands-on approach this keeps us informed about our clients.  We make a commitment to our clients to be easily accessible.  By this commitment, we establish a trusting work relationship.
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